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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Exercise in Rainbows: Red

While taking scary craft photos did cheer me up during the month of February, I've noticed I'm feeling a bit SAD lately. So, I thought an exercise in taking bright, saturated photos might give me a lift. I'm starting with red, working my way through the rainbow. I'm going to try to keep it to photos of things I made, past or present. I might have more than one post per color. There are no rules. This is about being happy. Anyone want to join?

My image for Red is a monoprint I made in a class a few years back. The black work is done with a funny airbrush-type tool that pumps out the ink. This was done with water-based ink, which I find very challenging because it lacks saturation, although you can't tell with this print. I think my color correction isn't true. The color background was done as a separate press run. The fan is a bit of paper glued on. The fancy term for that is Chine-collé.

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