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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Exercise in Rainbows: Red

While taking scary craft photos did cheer me up during the month of February, I've noticed I'm feeling a bit SAD lately. So, I thought an exercise in taking bright, saturated photos might give me a lift. I'm starting with red, working my way through the rainbow. I'm going to try to keep it to photos of things I made, past or present. I might have more than one post per color. There are no rules. This is about being happy. Anyone want to join?

My image for Red is a monoprint I made in a class a few years back. The black work is done with a funny airbrush-type tool that pumps out the ink. This was done with water-based ink, which I find very challenging because it lacks saturation, although you can't tell with this print. I think my color correction isn't true. The color background was done as a separate press run. The fan is a bit of paper glued on. The fancy term for that is Chine-collé.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

H is for Hat

He always wears his best when we go out to the fancy neighborhood restaurant. This time it was three plaids and a vintage fedora, white pants, and suede oxfords — all on his own.

More photos at flickr.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Would you trust me with your children?

When I'm not wearing cute handmade skirts, you might find me wearing something like in the photo above. As I was getting ready for my work day at our co-op preschool I thought how funny I looked, especially in contrast to my glamorous sister. But, each thing I wore was chosen with care. You have to dress just right to survive another day of positive discipline, conflict resolution, and healthful snack making.

Let's start at the top:

My hair is pinned back because it's getting a little out of control. I only schedule my hair appointments for every seven or eight weeks. Six weeks would be better, but getting childcare is such a hassle that I push it out, probably getting one less haircut a year — saves me some money, too.

I put on my Miraculous Medal of Mary recently to gather up as much good mama juju as possible while I wait for the little guy's sedation dental work appointment. Blaize got me the original medal when I was pregnant with my first, and, a second for the second. It's blue and pretty and makes me feel good. My doula, Mary, got a matching one and that makes me feel good, too — double Mary goodness. I'm not Catholic, or, ever been Catholic, but sometimes people have said I "look Catholic." I figure Mary doesn't care.

Black clothes. I used to wear black almost everyday. It was a good designer uniform and pretty much matched my mood. Now, I'm drawn to colors. I think it's because I hang out with kids. But, some days you just have to wear black — layers of it.

Black crochet purse. It's made of polypropelene and it's nearly indestructible, just don't drink out of it. It was a hand-me-down, so I'm counting it as a green-non-green situation.

Maternity yoga pants still have a place in my wardrobe. While I've only been accused of being pregnant once since my last birth, I'm counting that as an improvement, since I was asked twice after my first birth. I guess it's time to start exercising.

The Best Boots Evah came from a garage sale long ago. They're vintage with a short cut, not sure what you call that. They've molded to my foot just right. I love them.

That's it — my uniform for surviving small children.

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