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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Teacher Gift

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
Worked from 11pm to 1am late last night on this spread from an end-of-year memory book for my son's pre-school teacher. I've used this technique for several gifts and have enjoyed it every time. I choose photos, size them in Photoshop, print and cut them out, and draw/paint a background for them. It's really fun and relatively quick. It makes for an inexpensive gift, which can be quite nice when you have lots of parties to go to. Remember the first one that I did? I also did one of a brother and sister in a boat, sailing the skies as pirates. I heavily "borrowed" the ship design from a fellow blogger, which is why I've never shown it here. My excuse was lack of time. I needed a cool boat and I needed it THEN. I figure it's ok if I'm not selling it, right? Sheepish crafty secrets revealed.

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