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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Sprinkle of Scraps


Here is a sprinkling of the scraps that I received from the kindly Emily in Linda's Patchwork and Scrap swap. The top three are vintage Japanese kimono fabric. The bottom three are Norwegian, I think. I'm all confused because, for a long time, I was thinking Emily lived in Finland. Ah, mamabrain — it took my vocabulary and my short-term memory. Emily has recently unveiled her wonderful blog, Ravenhill. Go check it out. She has lovely photos.


Thanks for waiting, Emily. My package to you is still sitting in a box by my front door. Bad swapper, no donut. :(

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Anonymous Ravenhill said...

Hi Michelle!
Love how you picked out a sprinkling of fabrics to show. Glad that you like them. Don't worry about missing the deadline for the swap! I can already tell it is going to be worth the wait (having peeked at the lovely pile of scraps you posted about recently.) What I should do is send you a second pile of scraps now that I know you really love the silk kimono scraps...

Thu Nov 15, 12:16:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Megan said...

Hehe, the white with the blue leaves and silver specks is the fabric my curtains are made from. Pretty.

Fri Nov 16, 08:52:00 PM PST  

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