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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Zip Zip Hurray!

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
Sorry for the pun. Onto the post, shall we? Here is my beautiful sister modeling my very first skirt with a zipper, emphasis on the zipper. I bought the book Sew What! Skirts and it helped me get over my fear of the zipper foot. I always thought the button hole foot was the zipper foot. Those button hole feet still intimidate me, but the zipper one — no problem. They recommend gluing the zipper into place before sewing it. It works! I didn't have any sewing glue, so I used a regular glue stick, ironing it to set it quickly. Can you tell I have little patience? Or, maybe I just have little time, or both.

The book also teaches you how to draft your own patterns based on your measurements. This was really fun — it must fit my style of learning. Kristin was talking about this recently. I don't really know which category of learning style I fit in, but patterns are always a little intimidating to me. I'm a reference book kind of gal. That's what this is, all wrapped up in a contemporary and visually appealing format. After reading about what to do I would, then, ask my mom questions. If she tried explaining before I read it, I wasn't ready. So, thanks, mom and to all of you who have written about this book, because it was on your recommendation that I bought it. I already have one skirt finished and FIVE in the works. They're really fast. No wonder everyone sews!

Details about the skirt:
I drafted the "Tourist Trap" skirt, which is basically an A-line with no waistband. It has a side zipper and facing (because of the no-waistband). I didn't put on pockets, like in the pattern, or, do the double-fold hem. For the hem I used bias tape and wrapped it around the front for a decorative element. The fabric is a vintage sheet, much like this lovely stack.

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