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Saturday, March 21, 2009


The skirt:
I took my self-drafted (shouldn't it be draughted?) A-line skirt pattern from Sew, What, Skirts and turned it into a straight skirt by simply folding the pattern at the hip to make a vertical line from hip to hem instead of the angled "A" shape, then I added three rows of ruffles at the bottom. It's my new favorite skirt. You've already seen the one I made one for my sister.

The slippers:
I love them, too, but I didn't love making them. Most of the Ravelry reviews of the pattern are favorable — I'm not sure why it vexed me, it could be that I have small children distracting me. Why there are no stitch counts for the soles, or, why the step numbers do not correlate to row numbers, are two of my questions about the pattern. Having said that, I think they are totally cute and comfortable and it looks like many people have had success with them.


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Friday, February 27, 2009


Second shoe done. Now onto those wet-felted booties.

The shoe on the left is the second shoe. If you look, you can see the edits that I made to the strap layout. I oriented them more forward for a better fit around my ankle. They're very comfortable — I've even slept in them. I guess that could be considered creepy, right?

Thanks for following along with Creepy Craft month. I know that I lost quite a few email subscribers — luckily Google readers more than made up for the loss. I continue to be fascinated by the psychology of the interwebs. Thanks for participating. :)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Portrait in Shoes

1. Mama, 2. Papa, 3. Big Bro, 4. Little Bro

Still thinking about shoes. These pics are a study for a future project.


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