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Saturday, September 27, 2008

On Top of Spaghetti...

all covered with crochet meatballs.

It's what I woke up thinking about today. I think I was inspired by the felt food (check out this flickr group!) that I see people making. My big boy, H, cut all the noodles for me. I wasn't sure how to make sauce. Call it a work in progress.

The meatballs inspired H to want to learn how to crochet. [Jumps up an does a jig of joy] We started with hand crochet, then he did a hooked chain with me doing the work of the left hand. He really got the concept! I can't tell you how exciting this was for me, since he tends to show no interest in anything that involves fine motor skills.

Yesterday I was working up a little Green Kitchen embroidery for a possible new header, and my littlest guy wanted to try it out. He learned how to turn the hoop to pull the needle through the other side. Really, it couldn't get much better than this — both of my children wanting to learn crafts. I thought it might never happen.

Another exciting thing that happened yesterday was a blogger meet up. Bethany, from Bitter Betty (Have you checked out her Gourd House tutorial, yet?), and I got to meet J (I don't think she posts her name), from Ruched, who recently happened to favorite one of my flickr photos > which led me to her blog > where I discovered she was vacationing locally > which led to the meet up. We got to see some nice jewelry work she's been doing, including some PMC pieces that were castings from vintage button molds and other interesting objects. She also has the cutest, mellowest lap-baby I've ever met. Thanks for the visit, J.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine Door

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
When I said, "Let's paint the windows for Valentine's Day," I didn't exactly mean the whole window. :) My mom had the idea of the heart cut outs.

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