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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Don't Go Into the Light: A Valentine Confession

Valentine from 2003
Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
I, too, am a holiday cynic...sort of. I liked Craftapalooza's truth hurts view of Valentine's Day. We share the same candy heart message of "Get Real." And, I'm dying to give someone the "You say potato, I say you look like one" card (and this coming from a pregnant woman). As you can see by the photo in my very first post, I love cynical holiday as a craft theme.

Having said that, I'm posting this photo to show my other side -- not the secret dark side, oh, that's around all the time, but the forbidden lighter side. It can happen to anyone. One day you have a kid and -- WHAMO! -- somehow you're not so cynical. Someone who was once known as Grumpelstiltzkin ends up spending hours taking photos and manipulating them to turn their child into a cupid. You might even find yourself getting weepy as you make a simple Valentine at preschool.

I'm not saying one way or the other is better, but, rather, to be authentic in your feelings and rituals that make up your holidays, be they dark or light.

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Anonymous Linda said...

Yesterday while making valentines, I was struck by how contrived my own were compared to the kids', and that although mine were technically "better", theirs were much more pleasing to my eye and heart, specifically because of that authenticity.

I need this reminder constantly, I think, if I am ever to become what I will consider to be a good artist.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments, and for providing me with another inspiration in Nell Dorr.

Wed Feb 15, 07:40:00 AM PST  
Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Yes, I agree about the children's authenticity. I'm forever trying not to influence my son's creative endeavors--he's so pure.

Mon Feb 20, 09:22:00 AM PST  

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