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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mushroom Motif

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
For those of you who are enamored, as I am, with the magical red and white spotted mushroom (a.k.a. Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric), I've put together a list of art and crafts that features this beautiful fugus. This mushroom is the premiere fairy tale mushroom, gnomes and hookah smoking caterpillars often sit on them; I've seen Petite Blythe wearing one. It is said to make Santa's reindeer fly, and some say it is linked to the beginning of Christianity. It definitely has magical properties, as well as excellent design elements—maybe that's why we like it so much. Mushroom toys, Christmas ornaments, and children's book illustrations are lists unto themselves—perhaps a future project.

—Mushroom Art: Art Installation, Roman Graffiti, NYC graffiti, Sand Sculpture
—Mushroom Clothing: Skirts & Aprons by Made With Love by Hannah, and Applique T-shirt by Cupcakesorbet
—Mushroom Fabric: Japanese, Heather Ross, Vintage
—Mushrooms Crocheted by: Angharad, Oh Sew Pretty, Comfits & ElizabethD
—Mushrooms Felted by: Wol&Zo
—Mushroom Cozies by: Ask Anke (you'll have to scroll down for this one) & Axelhoney
—Mushroom Quilt by: 3j0hn
—Mushroom Pincushion by: Wataame
—Mushroom People by: Axel Honey
—Mushroom Softie by: Laureski Kolaure
—Mushroom Handbag by: Laureski Kolaure
—Mushroom Brooches by: My Little Odd Forest
—Mushroom Hat by: Dina Ladina

Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.

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Blogger Giao said...

Oh my! I thinkn it's serendipity that led you to find me at Flickr, which then led me to find your blog here! I have been working on red mushroom goodies too! I've been slow to update my shop, but it's been my recent theme! Yay for mushrooms!!

Gnome G

Wed Jan 25, 09:28:00 AM PST  
Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Yes, it's serendipity, or collective subconsciousness, or quantum physics, or something. I think I found your site today because of a comment that you left on Dawbis' blog. And, now that I go back and look at your site, I see I've been there before--i remember the free gift tags. Very cool. I'm finding it's so much easier to keep track of people with blogs and flickr. I get updates through bloglines and read them throughout the day. I love it, it all inspires me to make and finish things. Plus, I love the community, as dorky as that sounds. Keep up the good mushroom work. I'll add you to the list when you post photos. Nice to meet you : )

Wed Jan 25, 09:58:00 AM PST  
Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Actually it was at Flickr that I saw your Dawbis comment. I love that site. I'm having fun collecting favorites.

Wed Jan 25, 10:24:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Linda said...

Why this particular mushroom, I wonder? Maybe because it is so unusual and other-wordly looking... does it have psychoactive properties as well? I assume it's poisonous!

Anyway, nice post. Off to look through the links. :)

Tue Jan 31, 12:09:00 PM PST  
Anonymous hippyxic said...

hello, i know that the mushroom hat was made by ;)

Sat Feb 11, 12:54:00 PM PST  
Blogger M. Patrizio said...

I am addicted to the red and white mushroom too! Great blog you have going!

Tue Feb 14, 12:57:00 PM PST  
Anonymous heather said...

I suppose you may have seen that Decole do alot of mushroom type knick-knacks. It's nice the way they design so simply.

One thing I've seen, and really want (but can't remember the name of) are those little jars of "mushroom candy", with plastic tops... and the chocolates are in interesting foil-covered mushroom shapes. Have you seen them?

Wed Feb 15, 06:25:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was in the 3rd grade, our class made terrariums. we each got to choose one special plastic trinket to go inside the terrarium. i chose a red mushroom w white polkadots. i loved it so much, i secretly thought that my terrarium was the best. we watched our terrariums and saw the tiny microworlds inside grow a little everyday. it was such an incredible project. on the day i took it home, my little brother turned it over, upsetting the delicate fragile new root sytems and destroying it unintentionally.i was so so sad. we tried to fix it but the new plants never grew. i feel sad about it today and sometimes when i think about it. those red mushrooms w white polka dots sort of represent to me perfect states that get ruined , fragility of perfect moments. appreciate the moments. at least i'll always have that time in my mind when it was perfect.

Mon Feb 27, 02:20:00 PM PST  
Blogger Bitterbetty said...

tiny mushroom on the cuff..


Tue Mar 21, 06:48:00 PM PST  
Blogger mimulus said...

I love the agaricus mushroom. IT is sort of a secret joke with my 7 yo son Ben adnd I to find them in Disney/kid literature/children things. I am a homeopath and know of Agaricus as a medicine, and your summary is excellent. Apparently the laplanders feed the shroom s to the riendeer and then collect the urine and drink it...and get a buzz but not a toxic dose! The things people do fo rmind alteration! Love your blog..I wiill add a link on mine, power to greenies.

Sun Mar 26, 06:55:00 PM PST  

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