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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Amigurumi with Flowers

Amigurumi with Flowers
Originally uploaded by Green Kitchen.
This is my first attempt at amigurumi. I started it last summer and am happy to have finally finished it--seems this blog gives me a little extra incentive to get things done, which is exactly what I need. For the longest time this gal had no arms or legs because each time I crocheted some they looked like tampons or tampon cozies as it were.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the finished anigurami - your apple pocket turned out super-cute. Fun blog - makes me wish I had more time for craft....

From the craftless dungeon of the corporate world,
Craft Whore

Sat Jan 21, 08:01:00 AM PST  
Blogger Samantha said...

Your amigurumi has turned out beautifully. And I love the apple pocket.

Fri Jan 27, 11:44:00 AM PST  
Blogger futuregirl said...

I am totally mesmerized by this photo. Everything is very cartoony-cute and sweet until you get to the eyes, and then, HEY! It's the same kind of uncanny human resemblance that Blythes have. I love it.

Sat Mar 25, 02:08:00 PM PST  
Blogger Green Kitchen said...

Yes, the eyes are freaky--they were the funnest part. Having said that, I haven't made another one since. Maybe the eyes hold a spell over me?

Sat Mar 25, 04:33:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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